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The SOBER Quest:
Where Freedom Begins!


FREE GUIDE: 5 Tips To Navigate The Festive Season Without Sugar or Alcohol


Do you feel trapped

in a cycle of dependency?


If you're dependent on alcohol, drugs, smoking, drama, toxic relationships, and even sugar, then it will be draining you of vital energy.


Whether you call this a toxic habit or an addiction the end result is the same: you'll find yourself chained to things that dull your sparkle and steal your joy. But what if there was a way out?


Introducing The SOBER Quest, your roadmap to breaking free and reclaiming the life you've always wanted. 

Why Sign Up?


Breaking free from dependency requires much more than willpower.


To achieve lasting results, you need to:

1. Understand the formation of habits so you can undo toxic ones and replace them with empowering habits.

2. Learn how to rewire your brain for long-term results.

3. Ensure you are effectively altering your emotional landscape.

4. Have a proven, scientifically proven strategy to ensure success and overcome potential cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

5. Techniques to ensure you stay on track even during stressful situations.


Imagine living a life where:


- S stands for Self-Discovery, so you're not controlled by impulses or old programmes.

- O represents Outcomes that aren't artificial and are fuelled with optimism.

- B embodies Biointelligence and your ability to tap into the innate wisdom within your body.

- E symbolises Energetics and how to cultivate it for quantum transformation.

- R exemplifies Reclamation, the promise of taking back control of your life and creating your future.


This is tailored to meet you where you are and elevate you to where you want to be.

With The SOBER Quest, you're investing in a new Mind, Body, and Life, not just another online course.

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Image by Brett Jordan

Founding Member


​Ready to escape the cycle of dependency?


Be among the first to embark on this enriching experience, shaping and benefiting from the programme as a pioneer in this wellness Quest.

  1. Hit the road running in 2024!

  2. Get a head start on your New Year, New You.

  3. Secure exclusive access before the official launch at the end of January.

  4. Benefit from more personalised coaching during the six weeks.

  5. ​Have access to me during weekly live Q&As.

I can only offer this to a limited number of people to ensure a more intimate, hands-on coaching experience for everyone. 


Click the link below to register your interest, and I'll contact you with more details. 


This exclusive offer will only be available until 15 January 2024


Your life 2.0 is waiting and ready to be more vibrant, meaningful, and fulfilling than ever imagined.

Stay tuned. Your path to a SOBER life starts soon!

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