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Hi there!

Have you ever stood amidst success, surrounded by life's luxuries, yet felt a haunting void echoing, 'Is this it?' I have.


From within the bustling world of London's Financial District, my life was a mosaic of success. Yet, amidst the shimmer, I felt a profound emptiness.

Driven by an intuitive nudge, I swapped my Victorian home for a drama school in Los Angeles. Crazy? Maybe. But, oh, how the soul knows what to do even when the mind is trying to figure it all out.

My Passion Was Revealed

My mission has crystalised today: guiding souls like you to the deep wisdom within. It might sound ethereal, but it's as real as it gets. Your body is not just a vessel; it's a library brimming with wisdom. And it's secret? Healing and empowerment are all nestled within you.

Over the years, I've plunged into the depths of understanding our body's intelligence and began a journey of unlearning what I'd learned growing up. I've poured through rigorous studies, seminars, and documentaries to learn what wasn't taught in school. Overcoming personal challenges that once seemed impossible.

I've sent sciatica packing without a scalpel (being told that removing my disc was the only option!), drop-kicked debilitating depression, and given the cold shoulder to an excruciating autoimmune condition, all by tuning into my body's wisdom. There are no medical degrees here; I have a treasure trove of first-hand experiences, resilience, and alignment with a spiritual transformation. 

I've lived through my fair share of trauma, overwhelm, feeling lost, and change (imposed and chosen), and I know the intricacies of each. These insights have led me to develop a unique approach to coaching. Into the cauldron go splashes of ancient wisdom, sprinkles of neuroscience, and a dollop of soulful magic. Stirred, not shaken! Sounds like witchcraft? Maybe! But rest assured, it's the craft of a benevolent white witch. Let's decode your body's unique language, awaken its wisdom, and sculpt a life of depth and meaning.


Regardless of your choice to journey with me or tread another path, here's my wish: Embrace the vibrant tapestry of your life and paint it with passion and purpose.

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