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What if you could Transform 

Challenges and Reclaim your Power?


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Hi there!  

I'm Louise

If you've landed on my little slice of the internet, you're probably going through a tough time.

Whether you're trying to break free of an addiction or toxic habits, coming to terms with a life-altering diagnosis, a midlife crisis, or a 'dark night of the soul,' I've got your back.

I know it may feel like you're the only one in the world feeling like you do, but trust me, you're not alone


Life has a knack for throwing us wild, crazy curveballs that test our spirit and resolve. Right now, you may feel like you have no more energy to get up (again). 

When you don't have the right tools, challenges in life can run your batteries down. When you do, these moments can catalyse a beautiful reinvention - like the phoenix's rising!

In life's challenging moments, it's easy to feel angry, betrayed, lost, out of control or overwhelmed. And here's my promise: I'm here to help you discover that the answers, the strength, and the path forward reside within you.


My commitment is to get you back on track and guide you to tap into your innate intelligence and trust your inner wisdom.


My Specialism


Resilience Coaching



Spiritual Awakening

Toxic Habits

or Addictions

Holistic Healing

Nature's Nudge: Your Pocket-Sized Serenity Spa

Image by Aaron Burden

Every image of nature splashed across this site isn't just for show – it's your mental spa. Believe it or not, our minds often blur the lines between what's real and vividly imagined. Diving deep into these serene visuals can give you a delightful surge of feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.


So, while you're here, let these images work their magic. How do they make you feel? What emotions come up for you? Soak in their colours, get lost in their tranquillity. Envision yourself there:

  • The fragrances wafting by

  • The gentle whispers of the wind

  • The textures of the world around


And here's a little nudge: Create your own 'joy gallery' on your phone using images that resonate with your soul. Whenever you crave a feel-good moment, instead of seeking the fleeting high of social media 'thumbs up,' immerse in your personalized gallery. It's like having a pocket-sized mood booster, always ready to sprinkle happiness on your day.

I am by no means rich, but I can assure anybody considering working with Louise that the impact on your life is frankly, priceless


- Shenaze Bakir, London 

Work With Me



Ready for a coaching experience that defies the norm? My coaching isn't just about the mind—it's a full-body transformation. We're talking science meeting spirituality, and cutting-edge neuroscience fueling ancient wisdom.


Why just hit your goals when you can transcend them? I'm all about unlocking the extraordinary within you.


Core Belief Analysis

Think you know yourself? Think again. My Core Belief Analysis is something other than your run-of-the-mill self-discovery. It's a deep dive into the hidden beliefs that shape your reality —melding neuroscience, psychology energetics, and spirituality.


Are you ready for a subconscious belief overhaul that catapults you into a different league? 


The S.O.B.E.R. Quest

Feeling stuck in a cycle of dependency on things like alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships, sugar or even drama? 

You're not alone - most people have addictions. Are you going to be unlike most, though, and do something about it?


The SOBER Quest is your ticket to breaking free and reclaiming the joyful, empowered life you deserve.  

“Louise is a fabulous and extremely intuitive coach who knows her work very well. Louise cuts to the chase, and helps you recognise your blind spots. Her sessions will blow you away and you’ll feel calm, relaxed and healed on many levels.”

- Jasmin Tucker

Feeling the 💕

"With Louise’s natural and warm approach, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease, especially being a bloke...easy for me to open up and express my thoughts and emotions!!!"

- Steve Betsworth

“After my first session with Louise, the effects were immediate. I'm going through a hard time, and she managed to de-stress my body. She also showed me a technique that has stopped the overwhelm of unsupportive emotions and thoughts. I recommend her 1,000%.”

- Camelia Bogdan

Your body is a library for your stories. If you don't like your life, change the stories you choose to believe. 

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