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Transforming turmoil into tranquility.

I am by no means rich but I can assure anybody considering working with Louise that the impact on your life is frankly, priceless. 

- Sheraze Bakir, London 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything."


- Lao Tzu 

Nothing happens in isolation. You are complex, and something not working in one aspect of your life (or body) will influence everything else. 

For many years, the popular opinion was that if you had any symptoms, you were 'broken,' 'worn out,' or things had gone 'wrong' in your body. The advances in scientific research, the emergence of quantum physics, and the acceptance of epigenetics and neuroplasticity have changed this outdated thinking. 

One of the Laws of the Universe is Cause & Effect, meaning every effect that happens MUST have a cause. This applies to situations in life and also what happens in your body. This knowledge puts you back in control. It dispels the fear that something outside your control has 'attacked or harmed' you, you are 'wearing out' or 'breaking down' because you're getting older, or things happening in your life are occurring randomly. 

Having this knowledge puts you in the driving seat. You decide where your life goes from now on, how quickly you move, and how you get there.

That's empowering!

What the new sciences are discovering is astonishing and inspiring. It excites me to know the potential ahead for us when we learn to master the intelligence of our body and mind and use it to realise our true potential. 

My passion is to support people ready to adopt a new way of thinking (and living) that will place them in a position of strength, far ahead of the majority.


[it's the effect - what's the real cause?]


Your Body Is An Intelligent Organism

I really believe in the power of your body to give you the greatest advice. The trouble is that you've probably forgotten how to tap into its wisdom and understand your unique body language.  

And that's not your fault, as we live in a culture that generally believes you have to look outside of yourself for all the answers. The bigger car will make you happy; the latest gadget will bring you joy; drugs will give you more energy or heal you, and so on.

When you are at the point of feeling enough's enough, then you'll be ready to start the journey to change your life from the inside out. 

You might not know where to start (that's where I can help you). The important thing is that you start. 

Great to meet you!

Hi...I'm Louise K. Shaw, also known as The Body Whisperer. A client called me this after we had a very profound session. I love it, as it perfectly describes what I do.


If you're experiencing symptoms that are causing you discomfort, pain, or stopping you from doing the things you want to do - that's your body talking to you. Your symptoms are the effect of something that's happened in your life. And I'm here to show you how to discover what's caused them and transform them.


Client experiences

Camelia Bogdan.jpg

“After my first session with Louise, the effects were immediate. I'm going through a hard time, and she managed to de-stress my body. She also showed me a technique that has stopped the overwhelm of unsupportive emotions and thoughts. I recommend her 1,000%.”

Camelia Bogdan

steve betsworth.jpg

"With Louise’s natural and warm approach, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease, especially being a bloke...easy for me to open up and express my thoughts and emotions!!!"

Steve Betsworth

Jasmin Tucker.jpg

“Louise is a fabulous and extremely intuitive coach who knows her work very well. Louise cuts to the chase, and helps you recognise your blind spots. Her sessions will blow you away and you’ll feel calm, relaxed and healed on many levels.”

Jasmin Tucker

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