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If you’re looking to stay informed about what's being discussed in terms of Emotional Wellbeing, then you’ve come to the right place. I provide a variety of resources to read or watch, covering a broad range of subjects. Browse through the resources below, and get in touch with any questions or requests you may have.

6 'States of Being' of the Grieving Process

Grief is a natural reaction to ANY significant loss; not just death.

In this short guide, I'll outline the 6 ‘States of Being’ necessary to heal from a significant loss. I’ll share the characteristics of each of these 'states of being', and how to manage the impact of each of them.

The Dentist & Depression

With the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, the question still remains unanswered: what is the missing piece in the puzzle to cure depression?

Presenteeism costs twice as much as absence

Being a social responsible company extends further than the impact of your business on the environment. It also concerns how you are ensuring your employees are managing significant life events. This article shows the real cost of not helping employees to lead a balanced life and address the emotional impact of a significant life event.

Videos & Guides: Resources

The mind is most effective when it is open.

How To Make Disease Disappear

Find the root cause of symptoms rather than supressing them.

Healing Illness with the Subconscious Mind

After an accident, Dana uses the power of her subconscious to heal.

Our Perceptions Control Our Health

A short clip of Bruce Lipton Ph.D. world renowned research on how our perceptions influence and control our health.


Radio Works Interview - Part 1

Radio Works Interview - Part 2

Valarie Kanay Show - USA

Destined For Bigger Things

Couples Therapy

Psychiatric Consultation


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