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What My Clients Are Saying

What makes me smile everyday? Knowing that I've been able to help someone smile more. Many of these testimonials are long. I could have edited them down, but that wouldn't be authentic. My belief is that if I've really  helped my clients, and made a difference to their lives, they'll want to share this. I hope these will provide reassurance about my approach, and answer any questions you may have. If not, please don't hesitate to schedule an appointment.

Sheraze Bakir.jpg

I am by no means rich but I can assure anybody considering working with Louise, that the impact on your life is frankly, priceless."

Sheraze Bakir

“Louise is simply fantastic. Woman who smiles with eyes and soul made me feel good at the first sight. Not so many people nowadays have a such level of honesty and openness. Working with her l felt, l invested my time in the best possible way. She is sophisticatedly professional in her job. During our sessions, her natural optimism brightened all my, not so light moments. She is a real light-worker who uses the energy of colours to heal and paint a healthy human soul.

Dear Louise endlessly thank you!”

Jelena Kodzo

“Louise has helped me to find another way of living, it has turned my life around. She is kind, respectful & incredibly insightful. When I first met her a chronic health condition was overwhelming me & ruling my life. Now, as a result of the amazing work that Louise has done with me, I am in control, happier & healthier than I have been for years. She has also given me the tools to continue working on any further issues that may come up, so I am now able to feel optimistic for my future.. at last !! Thank you Louise!”

Jennie Garbutt

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