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Self-Love is SO Much More than Self-Care: Join us in a Worldwide Online Event

If you think that self-love can be measured in how many exquisite massages, expensive holidays and elegant clothing you gift yourself, think again.

Self-Love is SO much more than self-care, not that self-care isn't important as you're about to find out. I've been invited by Katrine Horn to speak as an expert on self-love at a worldwide online summit that you can access right from your living-room.

Register here: >>>>>

Imagine no longer having to justify your needs but confidently stating them because this is simply what you want?

What if colleagues and family members started to listen to you and value your input thanks to your new-found certainty that YOU matter?

During the event, you’ll be getting hands-on tools and tips on how to:

• Find your purpose

• Boost your self-confidence

• Cultivate self-care

• Maximize health and wellbeing

• Communicate YOUR needs and desires

• Choose what’s right for you

• Clean up your money management

• Create a life in style

These are just some of the results you can expect if you join me and a host of other experts on life style, work, health, home design, mindfulness, relationships, money and food.

Join us here:

With love



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