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Excited or Worried about Change?

Do you feel that a lot of things are changing at the moment?

I know I do.

If you've been following me on Facebook (in the group Body Whispering Posse), I've changed the way I start my days, as my new fitness programme has jigged things around. I'm also changing the way I eat, as the programme requires it. And it took a while to get used to it!

On a wider basis, there are going to be changes to the UK Government, and there are also changes across Europe.

How do you respond to change?

Do you get excited or does it worry you?

Try this out:

Recall a time that you were really excited. Tune into what you are feeling in your body.

Are you tingling?

Is your heart beating faster?

Are you getting colder or warmer?

Pay attention to what sounds you can hear - do they get sharper?

Now recall a time when you were worried.

You may have noticed that your body reacts in exactly the same way. You'll feel more sensitive to touch and you may tingle. Your heart will beat faster. Your ability to hear will get more acute.

The ONLY difference is what you THINK about the situation. Your body reacts in the same way.

Now I'm not saying when you are in danger you're going to be excited about that.

But let's be honest,

how often are we REALLY in danger. More often we let our imaginations run wild and we conjure up a whole load of circumstances that induce the feelings of fear.

When change comes along you can either be excited or worried about what's next.

It's your choice.

And if it's your choice, have a go at chooses something exciting.

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