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Life Sucks....Until you do this..

Did you know that it was a Super Full Moon on Tuesday?

You know, even two years ago I wouldn’t have really know what the difference between a full moon and a new moon was. What I’ve found over the past few years is that the more I’ve been a guardian of my energy, the more I’ve been in tune with the energy of the Moon cycles and how they make me feel.

But Tuesday wasn’t just a Full Moon or a Super Moon. It was also my late brother’s Birthday. He was my closest brother and I miss him enormously. It was also the day, only two years ago, that my Dad reached out to me for help. He’d finally admitted that the symptoms of depression that he was living with since my brother was killed, were destroying his life.

After years of wanting to help him, and him refusing because he believed it was a sign of weakness to get help, he finally reached out.

But it was too late.

Because today will be the 2nd anniversary of the day that the police had to break into his home and found him dead.

I’m not sharing this to gain any sympathy for the losses I’ve experienced.

I’m sharing it to highlight that everyone has lived through something that changed their life forever. And every significant event you’ve experienced will place you at a crossroads. You won’t be able to change the event that has happened. You will have a choice how you respond to it.

Was I angry, year after year, at the drunk driver who killed my brother. Absolutely.

Was I plotting revenge in my mind for everything that happened. Damn right I was.

Was I blaming her for my father sinking into the depths of depression that ultimately killed him. Yes.

Was I acting like a Victim. 100%

Being a victim is never a great place from which to create a life of your dreams.

Being a victim will never improve your health, relationships or career.

Being a victim will shut down your life and constrict the magic and abundance that life has to offer.

Now it’s OK to feel upset, angry, sad and annoyed. These are emotions and they are natural.

Allowing them to control your life is a choice, although not an empowering one!

It doesn’t matter what your story is, or how ‘bad’ it is. What matters is whether it continues to control your life.

It’s OK to have bad days or even weeks. Yet when your days and weeks turn into months or years, then that’s a whole other issue.

You only have one opportunity at this life. It is far too short as it is, to waste it being a ‘victim’ of circumstances that happened yesterday or even years ago.

Everything is a choice. And it starts with a decision.

You can either choose to be a victim and allow your past to determine who you are and how you experience life. Or choose to be a victor and gain insights from your past hurts. Because every event has a lesson for you. Are you going to search for the lesson and allow it to support your growth as a person, or allow the event to negatively control you and your future?

Blips are OK.

Victim mentality isn’t.

The choice is yours.

Many years ago when I admitted to myself that I needed to take action to turn my life around, I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I had to find the answers for myself and figure it all out on my own.

You don’t have to.

Being aligned with someone who knows what it’s like to lose everything (in the form of people, career, money, and identity), and feel like there was nothing worth living for, means I know what it’s like to question everything you’ve ever believed about life.

Having someone on your side who understands the frustration of not knowing what you want, means we can cut through all the layers and get to the focal point of what is really holding you back.

Partnering up with someone who challenged the medical model and sought answers to why I was feeling so ill and exhausted all the time, means I will have a different perspective on any health issue that is preventing you from living an energised and vibrant life.

I’m going to spend the rest of my day honouring two amazing men who touched my life in incredible ways. That’s where my focus is going to be because nothing else matters more to me than being grateful for what I have in my life; rather than being upset about what I’ve lost.

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