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No I'm Not Your Guru

Tony Robbins has a Neflix film out called: “I’m not your Guru.”

It’s interesting how he chose that title, because anyone who knows NLP, will know that the mind doesn’t register negatives. So, is Tony saying he is your Guru???

Well, that aside I thought it was an interesting title for another reason.

The fact is, you actually don’t need a Guru. You have all the answers to all your concerns. They are within you and you are the only person who can access them.

Now the interesting the vast majority of people don’t believe that they do. They bounce from one coach to another. They try courses after courses. Sign up for loads of webinars and online stuff. Even reading countless books.

What are they searching for?

That quick fix, or easy fix, that will make them feel better.

How do I know?

Because I was in exactly the same place about four years ago.

I was constantly on the look out for the next thing that would be “IT.”

But in all honesty, the moment things really started to change in my life, was when I realised these three things:

1. My Reality is My Responsibility

When I really got this, not just intellectually, but as a deep down real knowing then it was like a huge weight came off my shoulders. Because if it was my responsibility, then I was in charge. If I didn’t like what I was experiencing; I could change it.

And boy did I change it! I said goodbye to toxic environments, people and thoughts. I am the gatekeeper of everything now and if a person, a thought, or a situation is going to lower my vibration - I don’t allow it! Period. Now I’m not an Enlightened Saint, and so there are times when I get dragged down. The difference now, is that I spot it quicker and there are less times that I get attached to the ‘story.’

2. My Duty To Raise My Vibration

As Einstein quoted: “Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it”. Now I am acutely aware of keeping my vibration high, because I know that when I do life just flows magically. In order to achieve this, I knew I had to do different things. I therefore created my morning and evening rituals. These are:

i. Meditation

ii. Nature’s Elixir

iii. Movement

iv. Quantum Visualisation

v. Expansion

vi. Gratitude

I’m not going to lie, it was a challenge to begin with. The difference now is that when I don’t get all 6 done in a day, I feel it. I’m out of whack and so this fuels my desire to make sure that it doesn’t happen the next day.

3. My Connection With My Higher Self

Whether I’m doing a mediation, walking in nature or doing Quantum Visualisation, I’m connecting with My Higher Self. Now you can call it God, Inner Knowing, Consciousness or Guides, it really doesn’t matter. The important thing that I started to realise first hand, was that I am not alone. I am part of a much bigger “thing.” I first realised this when I was journaling and my handwriting started to change. I was a little intrigued and then the writing started coming out like Hebrew. Even more strange as I have never learnt Hebrew. What happens more often than not now, is that I’ll start to feel an energy rise up inside me and then my handwriting will almost write it self. What I find now, is that the most incredible information and insights starts coming down on paper. And it’s not all rosey, to my EGO anyway! Sometimes what comes out are little home truths and after I’ve straightened my EGO out, I can see the clarity and the message and know it’s for my highest good. Which it always is.

Now I’m not your Guru any more than Tony is.

I’ve tried and tested loads of things. Some have resonated with me. Many haven’t. The things I’ve mentioned above have worked for me.

If your life is stuck, you’re not feeling enjoyment everyday, you feel a huge sense of lack, or you just know that there is more to life, then my suggestion is to start trying things out. Work out what works for you.

The main point is this:

Your life is like it is because of what you are doing and thinking consistently. If this doesn’t bring you joy and happiness; YOU have got to change it. And you change it by doing things that work for you.

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