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Let Your Reason Motivate You

Let Your Why Motivate You

As the clock struck 12 and we entered 2019 that was it.

I was fed up with the way my body looked (how had I let it get so out of shape???)

I was fed up with not having much energy (even though I walk with The Boy around 3 hours a day.)

I was fed up with spending too much time working (even though I love what I do.)

I was fed up with being fed up (period!)

I'd achieved a lot of "things" last year, and more than I originally planned at the start of the year. But this was different.

I wanted to feel different about my life.

So I made a decision to change what I was doing every day, so that my everyday life changed.

Here's a short clip I did when I had an ah-ha moment in the middle of my workout yesterday.

I posted about it in my Facebook Group called Body Whispering Posse. If you'd like to watch it, you can join the group here.

If you are just bumpling along in life, letting it be in control, then what I share in the clip may inspire you to think differently.

I hope you are living your life to the full, and if any part of you knows that you're not, you know there's only one person who can change it.

Here's to living life to the fullest and proudest!

With Love



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