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Super Blood Wolf Moon - Lunar Eclipse

A few years ago I would never have been so interested in Full Moons or New Moons (actually I couldn’t even tell you the difference between the two). I loved looking up at them, and that was as far as it got.

But the more I entered the world of energy psychology as a vehicle to heal myself from depression, the more I became fascinated with the energy of the Moon cycles and Eclipses.

Now there are plenty of people who are really knowledgeable about this subject, and so this article isn’t going to go into great detail about the energy and the science behind this. You can find loads on Google for that and today the papers will be filled with info!

I want to just share one thing with you.

Full Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon in Leo is especially about Forgiveness. What this means, is that the energies around this Moon cycle will be supporting you to Forgive.

That’s to forgive others for what they have done or said to you.

To forgive those who didn’t do what you wanted or said what you wanted to hear.

It’s to forgive those who just aren’t what you thought they were.

And lastly, although probably the most important, is to forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for all those times when you knew you weren’t the person you know you really are. For the unkind words, thoughts or actions to others.

And to forgive yourself for being unkind to yourself. You know, the times when you criticise yourself for not being the person you ‘think’ you ought to be. Or the days when you look in the mirror and are a little harsh on yourself.

When you are taking steps to create a life that you are proud of, it isn’t just about what you are striving to achieve. Having goals, dreams, and a plan of action are key, of course they are.

What is equally important is for you to become the person you need to be in order to live that life. And in order to become a different person, you need to let go of the person you were that is holding you back. And much of this can be done through forgiveness.

So today, spend some time writing down everything you want to forgive on a Forgiveness list. And once you have done it, do a little ritual to let go and release all that energy. One really lovely symbolic way, that I often do, is to burn the list (in a safe place obviously).

By doing this little ritual, you’ll free yourself up to step into the person you need to be to create your awesome life.

Have a beautiful day

With love



p.s. Are you in energetic alignment with the person you need to be? I'll be covering this, and many more techniques, on Quantum Visioning on 9th February. If you want to ensure you create your dream life, this would be a worthwhile investment of your time.

p.p.s my picture of the Moon as it eclipsed this morning wasn't that impressive. So I borrowed one that Martin Rickett/PA posted on The Guardian :-).

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