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Don't Set Goals

Yesterday, I took the opportunity of talking with people about what they’d got planned for this year. It’s amazing how many people just don’t know.

In fact, the phrase: “Oh I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it” came up more than once.

When I asked: “if you had a wish for this year, what would you wish for?” an interesting thing happened.

The majority of people that I spoke with didn’t have materialist goals. They didn’t want the flash car, the big house, designer clothes, diamond encrusted watches or millions of pounds in the bank.

What was important for them to achieve this year was different.

They wanted to know that their family would be taken care of and their children would achieve what they wanted.

They wanted to be happy in their relationships, with their significant other, their friends and colleagues.

They wanted to feel more in control of situations happening in their lives. For those who were living with an illness, they wanted to feel better or heal themselves completely.

They wanted more excitement out of life, a better career and yes, there were many who wanted more money. And when I asked them why they wanted more money, it wasn’t so they could go on a massive spending spree to buy things. It was so they could help others out, feel more secure, give up the job they hate doing, have more fun and stop worrying.

It became very evident yesterday, that there is a huge misconception about setting goals.

It’s not greedy, brash, being “above yourself,” or being ‘materialistic’ to want more out of life. Because like I found out yesterday, goals don’t have to be “things.” And it doesn’t matter if they are.

Goals can relate to how you want to feel, and what you want to experience as you travel through life. You may want to feel happier, more optimistic, or more focused. You may want to stop worrying as much, to be able to get more things done in the day. To have less volatile relationships.

These are all possible, just as much as wanting to drive a Ferrari (if that’s your thing).

And to achieve them, there are things that you need to do differently to what you are doing today. These aren’t complicated things and you don’t need a degree to learn them. And once you know what to do, it’s fun to see how much things can change, and quite quickly too.

Only a few years ago, I was living a life where I wasn’t able to get out of bed and feared walking out of the house. I was unaware that I was suffering the symptoms of depression and it was destroying everything in my life. Turn the clock forward and you'll find me sharing the stage with John Travolta and Calvin Klein, presenting to 1500 people from 61 countries about the importance of being connected to the most important asset you’ll ever own. Your body.

What I've learned over the years to enable my transformation, is what I'll be sharing on my one day event called Quantum Visioning™.

I learned all about how my body is my greatest coach, giving me guidance as to what is right for me and what isn’t.

I learned to tap into the wisdom and intelligence of my body to heal myself from suffering a lifetime with depression.

I learned to use the Law of Attraction to manifest my beautiful new home within a few weeks of setting the intention to call it into my life, as easily as getting a parking space right outside a very popular restaurant.

I learned that I was creating what I experienced in life and if I didn't like what I as experiencing, it was down to me to change it.

I learned why the words I used and the thoughts I had were keeping my dream life away from me, and how to change that.

I learned to be in vibrational alignment everyday so that everything I need comes to me with ease. When you get this, it’s such fun to see things coming to you. Just one example happened before Christmas. I'd smashed the screen on my iPhone 7+ and set the intention to have it sorted before the New Year. Only days later a brand new iPhone XS arrived (and I didn’t pay for it). And don't worry, you'll also learn what "vibrational alignment" means!

So don’t set goals.

Set intentions to make this your most enjoyable, fun, exciting and magical year.

And if you want to truly transform your life, it all starts with knowing what to do. And I’d love to see you on 9th February to share how you can make this happen.

Have a beautiful weekend.

With love



p.s. Here's the link to find out more and book your place on Quantum Visioning™.

Quantum Visioning™

special thanks to Austin Chan for the photo on Unsplash

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