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May the FOCUS be with you

It's been nearly 10 days since I started my fitness regime and last week I added a particularly intense nutrition programme to it.

And then yesterday it happened.

I was so exhausted and so craving to eat what I was used to eating, I wanted to give up. I heard people on the radio talking about going out for dinner, as I was faced with my liquid dinner replacement.

Then an interesting thing occurred to me when I woke up at 12am.

When I journal, I do it in such a way that I get some incredible insights. And last night was no exception.

What came to me last night is this. There are 3 misconceptions that may be preventing people from taking the time to explore change:

1. That change is complicated - it's not.

2. That when you are not experiencing the life of your dreams, it's ALL because of a trauma from the past - it's not.

3. That limiting beliefs are the only things holding you back - they're not.

Yes - trauma held in the body plays a huge part in creating symptoms in the body and symptoms you experience in life. But that's not the only element.

Have you ever heard the phrase - Humans are creatures of habit? Well we are, because the subconscious mind is controlling much of what you are thinking, therefore feeling and ultimately doing, every day. And the subconscious mind works on habits.

So it got me thinking at the wee small hours of the morning....that's it. My subconscious mind is working on habits and for too long, I have created a habit that wasn't supporting a healthy body. This isn't about a limiting belief, or the impact of a trauma. This is basically about changing an ingrained habit.

And the habit that needed to be changed was my thoughts. Simple huh?

Yes, actually it is.

Because in every second of the day, I can be consciously aware of my thoughts and if they aren't supporting my goals and intentions, then I can change them in an instant. It's in being focused on what I want to achieve in life, that keeps my thoughts in alignment with that.

So when I was finding it tough in the workout this morning, I kept focusing on WHY I want to have a healthy and fit body. My focus immediately changed, then my thoughts changed, and then the workout became easier.

It's the same with anything in life that you want to create or manifest. Your FOCUS has to be in the right place.

Quantum Visioning™

I'll be covering this topic together with how to journal to get interesting insights (and many more techniques), on my Quantum Visioning one day event on 9th February. If you want to explore how to manifest a reality that you desire, then this experiential one day event will be valuable to you.

So whenever you are experiencing something that isn't in alignment with what you very easy way to change it is to just change your thoughts. Because in doing that you are changing your habits, and that will ultimately impact your experiences.

May the FOCUS be with you!

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