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Secret Saboteur - WATCH OUT!

OMG….I was nearly the victim of my Secret Saboteur today.

And it started last night.

But let me just wind the clock back - on the 2nd of January I completed my Vision Board. Everything that’s important to me to achieve is on this board. It takes pride of place in my office and I can see it even as I type this. I also have pictures of my Vision Board on my phone, so that if I’m out of the office, I can bring up the images wherever I am.

But let me just wipe out a common myth. There’s more to manifesting than placing some pretty pictures on a board and hoping you’re going to get them.

If you are serious about creating a life that is different to last year’s, then you’ll have to start doing things differently to last year. And that means:

Thinking Differently

Feeling Differently

Behaving Differently

One of the main goals I have for this year is to get my Beach Body back! It went on vacation a long time ago and I haven’t seen it since. So last week I decided enough was enough, I’m calling back that Body before my birthday in April.

I decided my new regime was going to start today.

Last week I rummaged through boxes to find the DVDs of my Insanity workout, as I’ve recently moved. Then I had to purchase a multi-region DVD player as I originally purchased the DVDs when I was living in Los Angeles. Then yesterday I headed to the shops to buy a new pair of trainers.

Everything was going well, and yesterday I just kept thinking: ‘tomorrow’s the day. I’m going to get control of my body and start to feel amazing again'.

Now I normally head to bed around 9pm, as I tend to get up at 5:30am. And guess what I noticed happening?

Little things were distracting me so that my whole day didn’t go as planned.

At first, I thought it was just that I’d been out shopping later than I’d planned. Then I realised that even THAT was part of the plan. I got distracted by 'stuff' to do in the house. I ended up walking my dog later than normal. Then it took ages to sort his food out, which meant that I didn’t get round to eating until 8:45pm. This then meant I didn’t want to go to bed as I’d only just eaten. Then before I knew it, it was 12:15am.

This wasn’t my plan!

No - it wasn’t part of mine; but it was part of my Secret Saboteur’s plan!!

And it didn’t stop there. Even though I got up as planned, everything seemed to be on a go-slow and before I knew it, it was 9am and I hadn’t started my Insanity workout.

Then that voice in my head turned up the volume.

“Oh, I’ve not got the time to do it now - look it’s 9am and I’ve got to walk The Boy and then shower, get his breakfast, sort mine out and before you know it, it’ll be 12pm. So why not start tomorrow, one day won’t make a difference!”

And I nearly fell for it.

I nearly listened to my Secret Saboteur!

Then I remembered the photo of what my body is going to look like in April, and I decided to do something different to what I probably would have done only a few months ago.

I’ve made a commitment to myself that my goal is important to me, and that means starting the Insanity workout today. NOT tomorrow. TODAY!

So with that, I threw on my gear and headed downstairs to start the workout. And I was so thrilled I did. Because in making that decision: that my goal was more important to me than listening to my Secret Saboteur, I’ve honoured my integrity and my vision.

You see, this morning I knew I had to THINK differently (not allowing my Secret Saboteur to win), because I want to FEEL different (about sticking to my word and also how I’ll feel when I have my Beach Body) and therefore I needed to BEHAVE differently (putting everything down and getting my gym gear on - no excuses!).

I can’t wait to see the results in 60 days; how my body will look, and also what my life will look like too.

Because I know this.

When you make a commitment to achieve something, and it’s important to you (and you stick with it), the impact of this decision will be evident in all areas of your life.

It’s just the way things work.

You will have your own Secret Saboteur, and it will operate in its own way to prevent you from getting what you set your heart on to achieve this year.

However, you can limit the damage your Saboteur can do by following a solid process for setting intentions and goals, which is far more than just thinking of things to get, or do this year.

If you want to know more about the process I adopt, check out this link here.

Your Goals In Life Are Too Important To Allow A Secret Saboteur Get In The Way!

With Love & Light



Happy Manifesting!

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