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Depression 101: The "Cause & Effect" Law That Even The Experts Forgot

For many years I believed I was losing my mind. That I’d end up in a home for people who’d lost their sense of reality.

That’s how I used to feel. But one morning I woke up and a small voice in my head said: “It doesn’t have to be this way Louise.”

It was hard to distinguish whether this voice was infact just another one of those voices I kept on hearing in my head, or whether it was something else.

The main point is, that it was the start of a very interesting journey. A journey to discover exactly what was going on in my head and why my body was in so much pain. I wasn’t a fan of taking prescription drugs, as I feared the side effects more than the condition they were meant to be curing. So this had to be a journey of discovery WHY my life was the way it was, and more importantly what was REALLY going on in my body.

Wind the clock forward just over 2 years and you’ll find me working with my first client who had suffered with the symptoms of depression for a long time. After our intensive session, they expressed that it had been such a long time that they didn’t feel anxious and that night they slept like a baby.

Feeling tired, exhausted, fed up, scared, anxious, numb, overwhelmed, sad, alone, hopeless, frustrated, shitty, lonely, restless, zombified, frazzled, broken, confused are just some of the feelings that anyone suffering with depression is constantly living with. These in themselves are draining and leave you in a state of wondering whether this cycle will ever end. And for a frightening number of people, taking their own life to end the torment is their only solution.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If the number of people being diagnosed with depression and anxiety is increasing, then doesn’t this suggest that we are looking in the wrong place for the solution?

That’s exactly what I discovered.

I discovered that my symptoms were just the effect. And I also discovered what the cause behind these were. This isn’t being talked about by the majority of doctors when a patient walks into their office. My thoughts behind the reason for this are quite controversial and not for this article. And yet there are many scientist and psychologists who are willing to offer an explanation that doesn’t necessitate drugs and years of therapy. Why don’t we hear from these experts on a regular basis?

My discovery didn’t just stop when I managed to control my feelings and heal from the debilitating symptoms that had been with me most of my life.

I wanted to learn more so that I could help people more.

I no longer suffer with the symptoms of depression and for those who are inclined to understand it more, or find an alternative solution, I’m hosting a LIVE webinar on Saturday 17th March and Thursday 22 March.

Details are included in this link:

Details are included in this link:

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