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All clients are taken through the Three Stage A.I.M. Methodology


Gaining Emotional Balance

First we will address what support is appropriate for you, dependent upon which stage you are in. It's also important to address your immediate emotional state, and any trauma associated with the event. The aim is to progress you to a state where you are no longer emotionally triggered by the event, enabling you to make decisions from a position of strength.


Building Strength

Your mindset will determine how you progress through this event. As such, you will be shown various tools and techniques to use to ensure you are in control of your emotions and reduce overwhelm. You’ll also be equipped with strategies to support you to integrate aspects of your new life. This could be a daily recovery plan to assist you to feel in control again, it may be practical advice on how to structure your day, or techniques and mentoring to build your self-confidence and self-esteem.


Creating A New Future

This stage is all about empowering you to be in control and move your life forward in a positive way. There’s a saying: what you focus on you get. You will be provided with the support and guidance to envision what your future could look like, and practical strategies to help you get there.

“I'm by no means rich, but I can assure anyone considering working with Louise, that the impact on your life, is frankly, priceless”

Sheraze Bakir, London



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