Exceeding Expectations and Raising Awareness


Specialising in guiding people to reconnect to the wisdom and intelligence of their body to heal from within.


Educate - through workshops, coaching programs, online courses, and videos to offer different perspectives on the body/mind connection.

Inspire - to take action and create certainty through sharing knowledge, demonstrating the power of the body to heal itself, and offering hope that transformation is possible.

Empower - providing tools and techniques to enable people to take control of their thoughts, reactions and behaviours.

Connect - with other like minded people to build a community of people who are on the same page, who are committed to changing, and can provide appropriate peer support. Most important part is to connect with their body, and learn to communicate with it and utilise it more effectively.


The event that you are living through, has probably made you feel like your world has been turned upside down. You may be feeling scared, vulnerable, betrayed, and hurt. I believe it's important to receive support from someone who shares your values. By sharing mine, I hope to be transparent about what is important to me. If they resonate with you, and you chose to work with me, I believe our relationship will be more effective.


I take my role as a coach/mentor/ therapist very seriously. I know how it feels to feel vulnerable and scared about my life. In return, I chose to only work with people who will take accountability for improving their life. I can give you any number of exercises and tools to support you. If you don't use them, then your feelings and emotions are not likely to change.


I believe in honesty and being a morally pleasant person. You may find it difficult to trust at the start your sessions. That's quite normal and nothing to be concerned about. What I would ask is that you are open and honest with all your feelings and emotions. How you are finding life and what's been happening between sessions. If you are not honest with yourself during the time we work together, then the sessions will not deliver the most effective results.

Quality Relationships 

I commit to compassion, humour, respect and kindness throughout our sessions together. Through experience, the more these are integrated, the greater the experience will be.


I am passionate about serving people who have been significantly impacted by a major life event. From experience, I know what it is like to feel so much pain, that I believed that not being alive would be the only remedy for such pain. I found a way to turn my turmoil into tranquility and wish to help other people in this situation.  


The approach that I use is not like anything you'll have experienced before. Throughout the years of working with clients I have adapted my approach from elements of a variety of therapies, personal development techniques and energy psychology modalities. I am always trying new things and believe that the more open we are in each session, the more profound it will be.  

If you resonate with met, and you'd like to explore how we can work together, you can visit my scheduler. Alternatively have a look in the Resources section for free Guides, and Articles that may support you right now.  

Often we prefer to confide in people who have experienced a similar journey to ourselves. To find out more about my experience, click through here