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Past Events

Details of Speaking Engagements; TV, Podcast and Radio interviews; and Workshops.

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The Real Cost of Ignoring Your Symptoms

Triple Your Net-Worth in 2017
Hilton International: Orlando, Florida

It's my belief that disconnection from our families, communities and more importantly our body, is contributing to the increase in depression. Solopreneurs are most at risk, as the isolation and change to lifestyle can have a serious impact on their mental wellbeing. This presentation highlighted the importance of noticing the warning signs that your body will give you together with the impact of ignoring these; to your health and the success of your business.

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Interview on Sky TV Health Programme

Sky TV

In this 2 part interview, I talked about how the body is talking to you through its symptoms. Ignore them, and the symptoms will get worse. The second part was discussing the bodies ability to heal from depression, given the right conditions and support.

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How To Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Build Your 6 Figure Business

Sabotaging behaviour comes in many forms. As business owners or solopreneurs its important to recognise the signs early and realign your thoughts for success. This presentation gave techniques on how to identify and change limiting thoughts and disempowering patterns that sabotage your success.

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Secrets To Realising Your Perfect Life

Creating Women In Business Experts

Nikola Tesla quoted: 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.'Your limiting beliefs and disempowering subconscious programmes, developed in childhood, will impact your adult life unless you change them. They will cause you to procrastinate, sabotage and prevent you from manifesting your goals. This presentation demonstrated how to identify them and more importantly change them.

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Using Ancient Colour Therapy For Depression

Matrix Reimprinting Summit
Global Online

The Egyptians first used colour to heal from disease. In this Global Summit, I explore using colour during a Matrix Reimprinting session to help clients heal from depression.


The Secret Language of Your Symptoms

Yes Group Norwich

Newton's Law of Cause & Effect has been forgotten in much of Western Medicine. The symptoms that you experience in your body or reality, are the effect. This presentation demonstrated how to find the REAL cause and change it.

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Depression Can Be Cured

Women Work Event
Tunbridge Wells

Statistics suggest 1:4 people will suffer the symptoms of depression. Yet there is still so much stigma around seeking help for it. Having healed myself from a lifetime of depression without drugs, I demonstrated the primary causes of the dis-ease, and what to do to heal from.


How To Get Out Of Pain - FAST!

Valerie Kanay Podcast
Based in New York, Global Audience

On Valerie Kanay's success Podcast: The Rich Flow Of Life, I shared how you can quite literally tap yourself out of pain - whether emotional or physical. And I am proof that you can do it successfully.

Matrix Reimprinting Supervision

Your Intelligent Body

Matrix Supervision Day Guest Speaker

Everyone has experienced trauma at some time in their life. Yet many would not know how the body responds bio-logically to trauma, and the impact this will have on your life long term if not released properly. Unaddressed trauma will manifest in many ways in the body, both physically and emotionally.


Radio Works Presenter

Radio Works Station

2 Part series talking about the intelligence of the body to heal itself given the right conditions and support.

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