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Your Body Remembers Your Traumas

Growing up, I could never understand why I only had a few memories from my childhood. As I grew older, I also started to suffer various symptoms that wouldn't go away and often got worse. Multiple trips to doctors and specialists would provide temporary relief. However, they never got to the bottom of why I was suffering with them in the first place.


As many people do, I started to ignore them, believing they were things I would have to put up with. 


I now know differently. 


With every traumatic event I experienced growing up, the emotional impact had been registered in my body. Some of these events had been so terrifying that I'd blanked them out of my conscious awareness. As I ignored what was happening in my body (the symptoms), my body decided to get my attention.  


One morning I woke up in excruciating pain. It was like my body was being attacked by an army of swords. For over two years, I walked bent over like I was carrying the weight of the world on my back, relying on high-dosage painkillers to numb some of the pain. The Specialists I consulted advised that surgery was the only solution.


I decided to search for another option. Through a series of serendipities, I found it. After five days, the drugs were in the bin, and for the first time in over two years, I walked upright.  


Now my passion is to help people to reconnect to their most significant source of wisdom - their body. This leads to true holistic healing because it involves all aspects of you; your body, mind and spirit. 

With love



From Personal Experience My Passion Evolved

In Honour of My Dad

1938 - 2017

Dad and Me at Olympics_edited.jpg

Your struggle with the symptoms of depression are over.

May you rest in peace now.


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