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Once the initial shock has passed, many people feel very down, lethargic, emotional and nothing seems to lift their spirits. If you haven't sought the help of a professional, this would be a good time to. I am trained to support you to develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Contact me today and let me support you through this next stage.

What support do you need?

There are a range of products and guides to help you at this stage. The main thing to remember is that you do not have to live through this alone and without help. If you can, reach out to friends and family. If you are working, it's a good idea to advise your manager, so they can support you at work.

Often times, it's easier for people to confide in an independent, professional person. If that's something you feel would benefit you, please arrange a session via my scheduler.


6 'States of Being' Necessary to Heal from Grief

Free Guide

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90 minute Session

Skype / In Person


6 Ways to STOP Loss Taking Control of Your Life


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3 Month Coaching Programme

Skype / In Person

I'm always reviewing comments from clients to establish how I can provide more support, by creating new products and resources. Please check back here regularly, or subscribe to the mailing list to be informed automatically. By subscribing I'll be able to support you with additional information on how to cope with grief. 

After a period of time, you'll be wanting to start making plans for your future. Do this too early or when you are not emotionally resilient, and you can feel overwhelmed.  To read about this stage, click the link below:

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