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Improving Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

Empower Employees

According to the British Dietetic Association’s Work Ready Programme Whitepaper in 2016, Absenteeism and presenteeism is costing UK employers up to £23 billion per year. [source

Bupa’s Organisational Psychologist, Stuart Haydock explains, “When an employee is ill but still reports for duty, the effects could include de-motivation and a decrease in productivity. Therefore, it’s vital for employers to take a proactive approach to their employees’ wellbeing and nip potential problems in the bud.....This reduces the human cost of mental illness within the workplace, and can produce positive results in terms of productivity.”   [source

If your employees are sick, then you have sick company. Presenteeism is an issue of growing concern for business leaders. In research conducted by Personnel Today, it stated that: "senior managers in the UK identified improving morale (51%), productivity (50%) and creating a healthier workplace (39%) as their top priorities."

Alarmingly only 39% of employees are aware that their employers currently offer health and wellbeing initiatives to address these areas. What’s more, almost half (44%) of the UK workforce don’t think their employers are doing enough to look after their general wellbeing according to their findings.

To address this, I can tailor an event to address your immediate concerns. For example:


Any number of subjects can be offered, from training employees or managers on Stress First Aid Techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), through to supporting a cultural change in terms of mental health awareness.

Morning Motivation

This can be on premises or via an online platform. Employees can tune in to get themselves motivated for the day and learn different techniques to support them through the day. 

Power Hour

These address particular techniques and approaches to ensure maximum productivity. They also combine tools to help combat the impact of stress. They can be arranged throughout the day, as breakfast meetings or with nibbles after work.

Lunch & Learn

A 40 minute presentation to educate, motivate and inspire. The subject can be tailored around your specific cultural requirements or I can recommend topical subjects. All talks will include techniques to enhance productivity, and reduce stress.

Video Series

Quite often taking the time out of the day is difficult. In this situation, take advantage of a specifically created Video Series that can be uploaded onto any intranet or give your employee unique internet access.

These are just some examples of events that can be organised to empower your employees. 

If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, and find out how I can support your company, please email me with your requirements and your outcome for the event. 

I look forward to discussing your ideas with you.

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