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Separate with grace and dignity


When your spouse or partner tells you that they no longer wish to be with you, there will be the inevitable shock of the news they’ve just delivered. You may be feeling so frightened about your future, that you find it hard to breath. Thoughts of possible deceit, betrayal and lies can spark off emotions see-sawing from heartbreak to sheer rage. If children are involved, you may be panicking about how best to tell them, and you may feel that their innocence will be taken away. Not to mention the fear over any long term damage this will cause them. 

Whilst your emotions are running havoc, you are then thrust into the need to take care of all the practicalities. Navigating an uncooperative ex, and wanting to protect children and other family members, can add a further strain to an extremely stressful situation.

Divorce can be a traumatic event, and quite often people are not equipped with the right support to ensure that it doesn't destroy the rest of their life. I've experienced first hand how a separation can cause a huge amount of unnecessary pain for all concerned, and rifts in families and friends. I didn't want anyone to live through what I did, so my approach specialises in:

  • empowering you to build your self-esteem to help you maintain a positive outlook, no matter what's happening around you

  • enhancing your confidence, giving you the strength to speak up, and to make decisions that honour your needs,

  • techniques that will enable you to manage the overwhelm of emotions, so you feel in control again, and avoid lashing out to protect yourself.

If you consider the impact of Divorce & Separation, you have many aspects that will leave both parties feeling a sense of loss for who they are or were, and also their territory or environment. It is therefore not surprising that many people suffer with the symptoms of depression during and after this event. 

To ensure this doesn't happen, it's vital that the emotional impact, the trauma, is released from the body. Science has researched the impact of emotional trauma and where it's held in the body. Therefore, any techniques that you use, must release the trauma from the body; talking things through on its own, will not be as effective.

The Journey From Turmoil To Tranquility

You're at the start of a journey, and it may be terrifying you at the moment. The important thing for you to know, is that you're not alone and I'll be with you, every step of the way. From helping you to manage the impact of the initial shock. Getting back on your feet to start addressing practicalities, or adjusting to your new life. Through to making plans for your future.

Whilst every person's journey to heal after a divorce or separation is different, there are some common stages. Where you are in your journey, will determine what you'll need right now. Choose which stage resonates with you, and find out what resources are available for you.

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Initial Shock

Paint Abstract Blue

Life Goes On

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The Future

Create Certainty & Confidence

You can't change what's happened. However, you can change how your respond to it and how it impacts you from now on. By working together, you will transition from a feeling of turmoil to one of tranquility, enabling you to handle each stage of your divorce with grace and dignity. 

For more information that may support you right now, click through to the Service section. Alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of a no obligation consultation.

You do not have to go through this experience alone.

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