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With adversity comes strength


If you are involved in an accident that has caused a physical change to your appearance or the ability to function in the same way, or you have received a life altering diagnosis, then you will be impacted by loss. This loss will be for the person you were, and for the person you were going to become. This trauma will impact on your life, as well as the lives of you family and friends, as they too will have lost something; the person you were. 

Whilst you are adjusting to the news and sorting out the practicalities of your new situation, quite often the emotional impact gets forgotten. Scientist now agree that when we are subjected to a trauma, the impact is felt in our body. Whilst a key step to recovery is to make sense of the event by talking through your feelings, it’s more important to release the impact of the trauma from your body. 

Being given a life altering diagnosis can be a traumatic event, and quite often people are not equipped with the right support to ensure that it doesn't destroy the rest of their life. My approach is specifically designed to:

  • empower you to build your self-esteem to help you maintain a positive outlook, no matter what's happening around you

  • enhance your confidence, giving you the strength to speak up, and to make decisions that honour your needs

  • equip you with techniques that will enable you to manage the overwhelm of emotions, so you feel in control again.

If you consider the impact of life altering diagnosis, you have many aspects that will leave you feeling a sense of loss for who you are, and also what this means to your environment. It is therefore not surprising that many people suffer with the symptoms of depression during and after such an event. 

To ensure this doesn't happen, it's vital that the emotional impact, the trauma, is released from the body. I have trained in various modalities which ensure that emotions are released, therefore enabling you to find emotional tranquility to heal.

The Journey From Turmoil To Tranquility

You're at the start of a journey, and it may be terrifying you at the moment. The important thing for you to know, is that you're not alone and I'll be with you, every step of the way. From helping you to manage the impact of the initial shock. Getting back on your feet to start addressing practicalities, or adjusting to your new life. Through to making plans for your future.

Whilst every person's journey to heal after a divorce or separation is different, there are some common stages. Where you are in your journey, will determine what you'll need right now. Choose which stage resonates with you, and find out what resources are available for you.

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Initial Shock

Paint Abstract Blue

Life Goes On

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The Future

Create Certainty & Confidence

You can't change what's happened. However, you can change how your respond to it and how it impacts you from now on. By working together, you will transition from a feeling of turmoil to one of tranquility, enabling you to handle each stage of preparing for a new life.  

For more information that may support you right now, click through to the Service section. Alternatively, you may wish to take advantage of a no obligation consultation.

You do not have to go through this experience alone.

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