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The varied toolkit Louise uses in her sessions makes it a comprehensive service, often giving an interesting twist to the usual talking therapy approach.

The time I had with Louise K Shaw was extraordinary. She is talented, compassionate and professional in what she is offering to her clients. The sessions were neat and valuable, I definitely felt that during each session I achieved a new milestone in my self awareness and level of well-being. At times, when I seemingly got stuck, Louise would hold my hand so to speak and gently push me to my perceived limits, where I would eventually access information that was previously hidden from me. In the coaching process she is very encouraging and the sense is that you own your successes to yourself. Attentive to each detail, excellent listener, gifted and sharing good sense of humor, are just a few assets amongst many. I met Louise in a challenging time of my life and I can truly say that she helped me a great deal in creating and maintaining a wellness, and self awareness I have been longing for. Thank you, Louise!”

Agnieszka Agni Grenckowska

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