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3 Month Coaching Programme

Gain Control; Build Confidence

Designed to provide you with a framework to follow over 3 months. The framework provides the following:

  • An analysis of past events and symptoms to establish recurring negative patterns

  • Identify limiting beliefs and how to change them to empowering ones

  • Techniques to reduce stress, overwhelm and mind-chatter

  • Understand which triggers are preventing you from maintaining emotional balance, and tools to lessen their impact

  • Release the emotional impact of events, giving you control of your emotions

  • Increase self esteem and confidence, enabling you to move on from a position of strength 

  • Identify blocks that are sabotaging you, and a process to follow to move through them

  • Ability to make decision easier and ensure they are in your best interest

  • Simple techniques to use to increase energy and facilitate better sleep

  • Facilitate you to discover what future you want to create, and the tools to make that happen

To gain maximum benefit from the structure of this Programme, you will need to be in a position to invest time each week to the sessions and associated exercises. For this reason, the Programme isn’t right for everyone. To ensure it matches your expectations, please complete an application form. We'll then jump on a call to discuss whether this is the right approach for you.

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